Christmas Pageant News

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After directing the Christmas Pageant for about 10 years, I have decided to step down and pass on the torch. St. Michael’s is looking for someone to step in and take over this wonderful, inspiring, and time specific volunteer position.

Directing the pageant is a sweet and meaningful task. Helping children tell this important story has helped me stay in touch with what is most important during what can be such a busy, even hectic, time. It is my hope that someone (or ones!) will hear the call and embrace this lovely experience. I promise you will get much more out of it than you put in. Several hours of service will give you the best Christmas gift of all. It is truly one of the most rewarding of times.

Passing the pageant torch feels bittersweet. My girls are older, and ready to try a different Christmas Eve service. If your kids love being in the pageant, this is a great opportunity to share the time with them, and give back to our amazing St. Michael’s community. However this job is really open to anyone willing: senior or junior – we would be very grateful! Please seriously consider this mission. Not only do we need one or two adults to take the lead, but there are also a number of jobs to be done to help make the pageant run smoothly. The script and costumes are ready to go! Marilyn Cheney and I will happily support you in any way you need for this transition year.

Rehearsals for the pageant take place after church in Advent, for about 35-45 minutes. Pageant organizers will be working closely, as before, with the Cathedral Choir.

All parents who are interested in having their children take part in the pageant please come to the pageant transition meeting on Sunday, November 10th after church in the Lower Parish Hall. Marilyn and I will be there to answer questions, and to help get the St. Michael’s Christmas Pageant 2013 off and running!

Pam Walker