Come and See – ARch: Anglican and Roman churches

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Come and See – ARch:  Anglican and Roman churches 


St. Michael’s will be sponsoring a four week after church forum on the differences and the similarities between the Episcopal/Anglican Church tradition and the Roman Catholic tradition. We will explore the fabled Henry VIII and his separation from Rome, the beauty and mystery of the shared catholic faith, and the substantive differences in structures and moral authority in each church.

March 9: ROOTS – How and why did the English Church separate from Rome?

March 16: STRUCTURES AND AUTHORITY – Though the two churches share a very similar theology, this Sunday we will explore the very different structures of authority.

March 23: INSTRUMENTS OF CHANGE – How does the church effect the world around us?  How is the Roman Curia different from the English/American Episcopate? How do we make moral decisions in each tradition?

March 30: ECUMENICAL RELATIONSHIPS TODAY – We will explore the ARCIC Document which was developed in the 1980’s in an effort towards Christian Unity.

So, Come and See. Each session is independent. Discussion is encouraged. Bring your questions and thoughts to the Lower Parish Hall (LPH) at 11:30. These forums will be led by the Rev. Harold R. Bronk (Ray), retired professor of the Study of Religion at U/Mass Boston and the Rev. Dr. Joyce Caggiano.