Exploring the City

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After the Sunday church services, the group headed out to explore the city and try those world-famous beignets.

The group that went to St. Andrew’s (see our last post) got a chance to see a parade that the city has for weeks leading to Mardi Gras. You can see that your fellow parishioners certainly know how to get those beads!






We all headed to the French quarter to experience Café du Monde which was absolutely wonderful.

The group had the chance to see a dog parade that was making its way through the crowded streets as well as preparations for the Super Bowl which the city will host next week.






We also had the opportunity to take a drive through the Lower Ninth Ward, which was particularly devastated by Hurricane Katrina. It was my first time and New Orleans and I had ignorantly assumed that in nearly 8 years, even the hardest hit areas would be rebuilt at this point. I could not have been more incorrect. Although greatly improved from the devastation immediately after the hurricane, an astonishingly large part of the Lower Ninth is still struggling with the aftermath of Katrina almost a decade later. We met some wonderful and kind people who underlined how important it was to be able to talk with others and tell their stories. It certainly changed my thought that we were simply here to rebuild infrastructure. Our mission is to serve God and that involves much more than hammers and nails.

NOLA trip 2013

Although this looks picturesque, you can see hundreds of small black dots in this freshwater marsh. These dots were the hundreds of trees that were killed when salt water flooded into the marsh. Plans are in the works to restore this beautiful natural resource but eight years later there is a great deal of work to be done.