Fall is Approaching

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On Sunday, September 1st we will celebrate Morning Prayer as our Sunday morning service at 9am.  Our plan is to do this on the first Sunday of all “5 Sunday Months” this year, with December 1st as our next Morning Prayer (don’t forget: you can enjoy Morning Prayer any Wednesday morning at 6:30am!)

Friday night’s “Coffeehouse” has been postponed for August 30th, so please check back here or on our Facebook page for updates!  (“Like” us if you wish here!)

On Sunday, September 8 we will open our doors for the first day of the Fall season, and hope to see all of you at either 8am or 10am!

Regular communion will be at 8am, and the first part of our “Instructed Eucharists” will happen at 10am.  These will be a chance to introduce newcomers, seekers and established members of the Episcopal Church who wonder about liturgy to an opening of the liturgy, done real time, and as it is happening!  It is an explanation of why we are doing what we do each time we worship, and a helpful orientation for those who wonder about it.

On Sunday the 8th we will look at the “liturgy of the Word,” which is the first half of any Communion Service that brings us together in instruction and listening, and on Sunday the 22nd we will look at the “liturgy of the Table,” which is the prayers of consecration and distribution of communion.

Be sure to join us!