World Outreach

Children’s Offering & Outreach

St. Michael’s believes that helping our children to help others is an important part of a child’s Christian education. We do this with projects, prayers and pennies. Our children’s weekly offerings support two World Vision children overseas. Food donations feed others. Special fundraisers support organizations such as Heifer International and UNICEF. At Christmastime, special offerings enrich the lives of local children and youth: boys in a correctional facility, malnourished infants, children of domestic trauma.

We need: Adults or families who will help coordinate these activities with Church School classes during the year.

Refugee Immigration Ministry

The primary mission of the Refugee Immigration Ministry (RIM) is to provide safety, support, and spiritual services to refugees and asylum seekers. Through local interfaith “clusters,” uprooted individuals are brought into a community of people offering housing, transportation, daily necessities, acculturation, and friendship. Boston RIM works with the Milton cluster (which includes St. Michael’s, Church of Our Saviour, First Parish and First Congregational Church) to coordinate activities, assist with fundraising, and offer guidance. The Milton cluster meets monthly at the First Congregational Church, next to Town Hall.

We need: Parishioners who would like to get involved in Milton RIM and also Boston RIM programs, including English as a second language, tutor training, and visitor training for those held in local detention centers.

Mission Giving

Every year this team of parishioners distributes $3,000-$5,000 to organizations outside the parish, using the proceeds from the plate collections taken the first Sunday of the month.

We need: Committee members who will educate themselves about potential recipient organizations and participate in the decision-making process.


Since 2007, St. Michael’s parishioners have participated in a mission trip to help rebuild areas of New Orleans devastated by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Issac. Through a partnership with Trinity Episcopal Church in New Orleans, our volunteers have helped feed individuals and families experiencing hunger, rebuild homes, and rehabilitate community centers. Visit our NOLA blog, where volunteers share the experience in their own words.

Millennium Development Goals

St. Michael’s is deeply committed finding ways that our parish can contribute to meeting the eight Millenium Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2000. The MDGs form a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions. They have galvanized unprecedented efforts to meet the needs of the world’s poorest. The goals are:

(1) Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

(2) Achieve universal primary education.

(3) Promote gender equality and empower women.

(4) Reduce child mortality.

(5) Improve maternal health.

(6) Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

(7) Ensure environmental sustainability.

(8) Develop a global partnership for development.

For more information speak to any member of the clergy or vestry or explore the United Nations website.