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A group of parishioners will travel to Guatemala City February 19th to the 26th to volunteer at a small community school with a program known as Safe Passage. Volunteers will help the staff teach, lead activities, and bond with the students (age 2 to 20). The Safe Passage school was opened in 1999 by Hanley Denning. After visiting The Guatemala city dump and observing the polluted and dangerous environment the children were in, she was compelled to stay and do everything she could to improve their lives and their future. She knew education was the only solution to better the future generation’s situation in Guatemala.

The next step in Safe Passage’s growth is expanding from an afterschool program to an all day school for kids ages 2 to 20. One part of our mission going there is bringing funds to help accomplish this project. With your contribution, we can get this process rolling. Please donate whatever you can, we will accept any help! Our goal is set at $5,000, but exceeding this goal would do nothing but benefit these kids. The future of these children depend on their education, and we would love to see them succeed, in a safe environment every child deserves.