My Brother’s Keeper

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For our Advent mission this year, we have joined with a South Shore organization called My Brother’s Keeper.

Here’s how it works:  My Brother’s Keeper has the names of folks in towns surrounding Milton who are in need of help this Christmas.  They have sent us approximately 80 gift tags, with the recipients on the tags ranging in age up to “Grandfather”, although they are mostly children.  There are no names on the tags, only the sex and age of the person, and his or her gift request(s).  We plan to make ornaments for the parish Christmas tree by the weekend, attaching a tag to each ornament.  Starting this Sunday, you can choose one or more tagged ornaments, take them home, and buy the suggested gifts.  Please return your gifts to church unwrapped, in bags, with the gift tags attached to the appropriate bags.

My Brother’s Keeper will send a truck to pick up our bags afterDecember 13th, and will wrap and distribute the gifts.

It’s important to know that even if we can’t fulfill all the gift requests assigned to us, no one will be left out.  We simply return the leftover tags to My Brother’s Keeper and they will take care of them.

In addition, each family served by My Brother’s Keeper will receive a $25 gift certificate to Stop and Shop to buy food for Christmas dinner.  We will also have the opportunity to contribute to those gift certificates.

You of course can still independently work with the Post Office Santa Letters, if you prefer.
This project is being spearheaded by the Outreach Commission.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sheila Monks at

My Brother's Keeper My Brother's Keeper