A New Face, and Gratitude!

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Dennis Mackler

By now the parish should know that Ken Conklin has elected to retire from his position as Parish Sexton, and I balance my sense of loss for his departure (from the position, not from the parish!) with gladness that we have hired Dennis Mackler to be our new Parish Sexton.  Dennis began work at St. Michael’s in mid-December, and will be at the church on average 20 hours each week.

Dennis is a Massachusetts native, and lives with his wife and 2 teenaged children in Dedham.  He is a handyman with skills across a variety of areas that are part of our campus management and maintenance, and has experience managing a church and school property like St. Michael’s as well as experience in cabinet and kitchen design and construction.  His greatest commitments are to his family and to his character, which as you get to know Dennis is an exceptional one.

I am grateful for all that Ken has done in his (and his wife Sandy’s!) careful care of the buildings and grounds, as well as the ongoing care they both offer the parish and its spiritual health.  It is a wonderful blessing that they will continue with us in our collective journey into the heart of God.

The Rev. Hall Kirkham