Parish Meeting

Categories: News

Be sure to come to church on Sunday, October 19th at 10 a.m., where The Rev. Hall Kirkham will offer updates on some exciting developments in and around St. Michael’s.  We are blessed by parishioners who have built for us a strong foundation from which we and future parishioners can continue our work in the fields of the Lord, nourish our spirits in our worship and praise, and seek and find God in our relationships all pointing outward to the world.  We are blessed with wonderful gifts of talent and commitment to the parish, in so many ways, by special people.  We are blessed that we can pause, think, and envision what we believe God is calling us to be into the future, and to take steps to get there!  We will have Holy Communion at 8 a.m., and Morning Prayer that day at 10 a.m., with communion from reserve sacrament available after the service, and our meeting will follow.  Child care will be available, so don’t miss this gathering!