Today, Friday March 8

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Our winter weather continues to challenge us with both expected and surprise storms, and this weekend is no exception. Please keep yourselves safe in your travels, and watch the website for updates to our Sunday worship.  It appears the snow will be finished and manageable by Sunday, but one never knows in New England.

Remember to set your clocks AHEAD one hour on Saturday night!  We spring forward this time of year (and fall back in autumn…)

God of our comfort and confidence, we give thanks to you for the blessing of Creation surrounding us, keeping us always aware, through its phases and changes, of your constant presence.  Guard those for whom your wind, or rain, or snow, or heat, bring anxious moments and worry, and let them find rest, stillness, and the knowledge that you are God.  Remind us that you hold us all in the palm of your hand.  Amen.

Peace, Hall