St.-Michael's-Cafe-du-Monde-007_smOur Church School and Nursery are open each Sunday beginning at 10am, and run through the end of the church service. They provide supervision, and a safe, fun, and educational learning environment for nursery, pre-K and K-6 grade children. They also provide wonderful volunteer offerings to the parish community, and are robust because adults like you are committed to making them work! Our Church School (pre-K through 6th) offers a lectionary-based curriculum that teachers modify according to their personal style. The Nursery is appointed with games and toys in a comfortable setting, with changing tables and amenities, for infants and toddlers.

We ask each family of a Church School or Nursery child to help our program work by signing up to help over at least 3 Sundays during the year – fall, winter or spring – between 10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  These programs will not function any other way, and they function beautifully when they work, because tasks are shared! Please indicate your preferences on the Giant Paper Calendar display each Sunday in the Church School wing or in the Upper Parish Hall.

Young folks teach us much about God, and God’s gifts of wonder and discovery that are part of the life we lead. You know, and can teach, more than you think! Being involved in the Church School and Nursery can be meaningful forms of worship, for they connect us with God in new and unexpected ways!

For more information, contact Marilyn Cheney, Christian Education Director.

Our Cathedral Choir (Children’s Choir) is an educational youth choir for treble voices in grades one through eight. This ensemble invites youth from in and around the Milton area to learn about the fundamentals of music within the church utilizing the Royal School of Church Music curriculum.  The ensemble performs at family services and special services throughout the year, including the Lessons and Carols service and the family Easter service. All treble voices of any experience level are invited to join the choir, which meets Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., immediately following the 10 a.m. Sunday service.

For more information, contact Frank Van Atta, Music Director.

Youth Together

We offer fun and engaging activities for middle and high school youth who are interested in coming together with peers in a distinctive gathering, and in sharing energy, compassion and purpose in serving our community. We are a combined Jr and Sr High Youth Group from our parish. Our goal is to create a space for youth to experience extravagant hospitality, complete acceptance, developing spirituality and service in our parish, local and global community.

Visit our Youth Together Blog for more information or email Youth Together Coordinator Kathy O’Donoghue for more information.


We take this duty, of gathering your children and providing them with the opportunity to ask questions of and learn about God, as sacred, and very much hope it will be a pivotal moment in their sprint towards adulthood.  Our goal is not that they learn everything, exhaustively, about the church or the prayerbook or the Bible.  Our hope is to expose them to the story of Jesus, in all its compelling beauty, to have them share the Eucharist in a small group, and to have them begin to ask questions that they can continue to generate their entire lives.

Confirmation should be a combination of:
•    Gaining knowledge about Christianity and being an Episcopalian;
•    Forming bonds with other members of the St. Michaels community;
•    Doing some of the service work Jesus demanded;
•    Thinking about developing a spiritual identity; and
•    Being in a conversation with other seekers about all of the above.

We attempt to meet these needs via:
•    Instructional classes.
•    Fun games and activities.
•    City Reach, Food Pantry, Bridge Boston.
•    Journaling and Discussion in Class.
•    Parish-based mentors and participation in some pivotal church services.

The majority of the time we will meet from 4:00-6:00 p.m. on Sunday nights in the Upper Parish Hall. We are asking that students not miss more than 2 of the scheduled times. Common cathedral and the Confirmation Retreat are the most time-consuming and should be put on your calendar now. Select this link to view the confirmation schedule: Confirmation Schedule

Due to Safe Church Laws, we are required to have 2 adults present every time we meet.  We, therefore, need one parent to volunteer to join us for every session.  We welcome your participation, but in the past, some adults have also chosen simply to read a book on the side.

Please feel free to call me (617-823-0416) or email me with any questions (