Our Thursday Update!

Categories: Mission Trip 2013

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading and following us during our mission trip to New Orleans. Your views and comments mean so much to us and those really help to keep us going while we are here. Do not forget to share this with your friends, family, and your fellow Parishioners at St. Michael’s!

Our two groups were off once again to two different locations in New Orleans. Group A, comprised of Ellena, Judy, Jim, and Richard, helped Joe with several projects as part of the St. Paul’s Homecoming Center. They once again worked on Stephen’s house (see yesterday’s post) finishing the drywall, compounding, and beginning the painting.

Group B, which consisted of Sandy, Marilyn, Lana, Alana, and Frank, were off to the New Orleans Mission. Throughout the morning we helped to prepare lunch for the nearly 100 homeless men and women that the mission serves. Despite having no money for a budget and no assistance from the city of New Orleans or the state of Louisiana, the mission is able to function thanks to the generosity of individual and corporate donors. All of the food the mission serves is donated and subsequently prepared by the staff and volunteers.

Later in the day, Group B worked near the women’s shelter to plant flowers and clean up around the yard. Some of the flowers are already in bloom and it should be quite a treat to see the daffodils, hyacinths, irises, and tulips in just a few weeks.









Tonight we are very excited to host Joe and his wife Gloria along with Bev. All three individuals have been touched by the St. Paul’s Homecoming Center as well as previous groups that have come to New Orleans from St. Michael’s. We are looking forward to an evening of delicious food and fellowship with our friends.