Update on Bishop Election Process

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On January 15th, the Discernment Committee of the Diocese of Massachusetts presented a slate of five candidates for Bishop, and you can find profiles and written statements at the diocesan website (, or by coming by the office and picking up a packet.

By January 31st, an unspecified number of additional candidates had submitted required documents to be considered in the search, and the names of these candidates remain confidential, pending required background checks (identical to those which were completed for the candidates on the original slate).

On March 3rd, the Standing Committee will announce the names of those petition candidates who qualify, and they will join the slate of nominees on the ballot.

From March 14th through 19th, candidates will participate in a series of gatherings around the diocese, and all who are interested will have the opportunity to meet and learn more about all the candidates.  Those gatherings have yet to be scheduled.

April 5th will be a special “election convention,” where our lay delegates Judy Rice and Kathy Almeida will vote on behalf of St. Michael’s parish for our new bishop.  It seems appropriate that the parish ought to vote its own preference for bishop in the days leading up to the 5th, and then ask the delegates to vote accordingly on April 5th.  We will have more news shortly on how that will happen!