Wednesday and Thursday

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January 28 and 29, 2015:  Groups went on Wednesday and Thursday to prepare and serve meals at the New Orleans Mission, prepare and distribute lunches from Trinity Church’s Loaves and Fishes food truck, do some cleanup work at a lovely spot on the banks of the Mississippi at Audubon Park, and back to the South Scott Street house project.  We have been battling a flu-bug that has distributed itself liberally around the dormitory, taking several of us out of commission for short stretches at a time, but this hasn’t diminished the rich experience – and even transformation – we have each had.  We are preparing for our departure, which follows the launching of paper prayer boats in the Mississippi this morning.  These are boats made and inscribed with prayers by parishioners, sent along with us for the launch, and which we prayed over on our last night here.

Food Truck NOLA 2015 Trinity Loaves & Fishes cleanup work

Photos from the painting project can be found at