We’re Here!

Categories: Mission Trip 2011

We arrived safely Sat evening in New Orleans and were thrilled to see palm trees, green grass, blooming flowers, and best of all NO SNOW! After renting cars and picking up sleeping bags and pillows, we settled in at Chalstrom House, the parish hall of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Sunday morning we attended church next door where we were warmly welcomed by all. Lana, Barb, and I enjoyed the choir singing the Tallis piece “If ye love me” which we have sung so often as members of St. Michael’s choir. Mary noted that St. Andrew’s was taking up a collection to restore their organ so we all chipped in to add to their fund. After church we enjoyed the fellowship of coffee hour and several of us partook in an informal sermon group where we discussed the rector’s theme of radical hospitalitiy. This was put into real life experience when some of the homeless of New Orleans came to our door and we had to figure out exactly how to put the Gospel into practice. Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day – sunny around 60 (are you all jealous???) so we took the streetcar downtown to walk around the French Quarter and see the sights of which there are many! Internet access at the parish hall was not available which is why we were unable to update the blog before now. Off to bed for all so we can start our first day of work bright and early Monday morning.