Working at the Mission

Categories: Mission Trip 2014

As you’ve probably all heard New Orleans is in the midst of an ice storm (although none of us have seen any!) But the city has been shut down for 2 days now – schools, businesses, churches, roads, and bridges closed. Extremely cold for this area too with temps in the 20’s. This has put a damper on our plans in terms of working and worshipping which has been somewhat disappointing. But once again God has called us to where we need to be and instead in building and painting we have been feeding the homeless.  Almost 400 guests were served lunch today with close to the same number yesterday. They were so glad to see us arrive since their regular volunteers were not able to get there. And those who were able to get into the Mission for a meal or a place to sleep were the lucky ones – many others were huddled under the highway as we drove home.

Sunday’s Gospel spoke of the disciples leaving their work, their homes, and their families to follow Jesus – not hesitating but just dropping everything and going, having really no idea where they were going and what they would be doing. Coming on the Mission Trip is a similar experience- leaving one’s life in Milton and traveling with a group of people whom you may not know very well to a strange very different place, not really knowing what you will be doing when you get there. But Jesus is with us every step of the way as we serve the people of New Orleans on behalf of you all. Your support and prayers are what gets us through the hard times as well as the joyous ones – and this is a joy filled city, full of love and life, all you have to do is visit the French Quarter to see that! Everyone we meet is so thankful that we have not forgotten them – thank you St Michael’s.