Parish Prayers

Prayer for Guidance

Lord, you have joined us in this community of faith. We thank you for the love and fellowship we share and the many blessings you have given us. Yet we ask that you not let us grow complacent or cling too tightly to what we have. Inspire us to use our resources and talents generously on behalf of others. Fill our hearts with tolerance that we may embrace all people and accept their differing beliefs and opinions. Teach us respect for your earth and compassion for all living things. Help us to raise children who are strong in faith and kind in spirit. In times of danger and uncertainty, protect and comfort us. Strengthen us when we are weak, and forgive us when we fail you. Above all, help us always to keep you in our minds and to love and serve you with our whole hearts.


Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord, we thank you for your strengthening presence
in the fellowship of our congregation
in the wonder of our children and the wisdom of our elders
in the words and lives of our church leaders
in the deep silence of prayer
in the joyous notes of our choir
in the light that streams through our stained-glass windows
in the quiet woods and hills that surround us
in the gentle scilla whose blooms announce spring
in the brilliance of the autumn leaves
and the clean perfection of the winter snows.

Grant, O Lord, that we may stay alive to your presence
and aware of your will
even in the darkest of times.
May we in all our actions think first of you,
second of others,
and lastly of ourselves.